Striker 24 month old

born May 12th 2004
Junior Champion Luxemburg 2005
Winner Amsterdam 2005
Dutch Champion
International Champion

Luxemburg Champion
HD C, EUDDC-Breeding License
Co-Owner of Striker is his Breeder Linda E. v.d. Vijver
Breeding License

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Striker died at 2010_06_09. He was 6 years old.
We will never forget his good temperament, his kindness, his softness, and the love we always could see in his dark brown eyes...
Andrea, living near Lake Placid now, the owneer of one of Strikers daughters, send us the following mail. Thank you for this, Andrea!

Eulogy to STRIKER
I can imagine that STRIKER must have been beautiful as a puppy
STRIKER was an exceptional dog in every way
STRIKER was beautiful and elegant as an adult
But more importantly, STRIKER was the sweetest, kindest, softest dog I have ever met
STRIKER's blue daughter VOCE inherited her father's temperament
VOCE has that same sweet, kind, softness about her - just like her father STRIKER
I remember our visits to you, Linda, when the puppies, V-Litter, were first born
RAFFLES was busy being a new mother for the first time
And we fell in love with each and every one of those babies from the moment we met them
Before trotting out to the kennel when the puppies were older, we came inside to sit down and have a nice chat with a cup of coffee
STRIKER would be inside the house waiting for you, Linda
STRIKER always greeted us in a friendly way when we came inside your house
The moment we sat down, there would be STRIKER coming over for a cuddle
STRIKER would sit by my feet and press his head as hard as he could on my lap
STRIKER was such a sweetheart, such a cuddle butt, just like his daughter VOCE
VOCE does the same thing with us, she cuddles up and presses herself as hard as she can against us
When we heard that STRIKER was not feeling well, we were very worried
Little by little through each of these tests that you made, you found out what was going on
STRIKER and you fought valiantly against these health problems that afflicted him
And I know in your heart of hearts that it was not easy to say good-bye to STRIKER
But we doggy people know that it's the most kind and unselfish thing to do by letting our dogs go when it's their time
I do believe that there is a Doggy Heaven up in the sky, far above in the clouds
A place where all dogs go because there is no such thing as a bad dog

Striker 21 months old