7. Day – Lake Placid

The City of Lake Placid
View to Whiteface Mountain (in the middle)
View over Lake Mirror, on the left Lake Mirror Inn, where Erik works
The „dug in trash cans“
The Hotelbar
At the Japanese...

Actually, we wanted to shop a little bit in the town on this day– but anyhow we both lacked the right desire. After half an hour in the city we decided to head for the next supermarket to add some stocks for the return journey which we wanted to start the next day, and then go back to the hotel.
In the state New York there is a gigantic problem for all smokers: Not only in all public buildings smoking is strictly forbidden (also at hotels), but also in the vicinity by 50 feet (about 17 meters) around the houses. Therefore, one also sees no street cafés with smoking people."Smoking is considered unacceptable in New York. If the cigarettes were still very cheap two years ago in California, in New York State with 7 to 9 dollars per packet almost as expensive as with us (in Ohio and Pennsylvania they cost possibly the same). Smoking is permitted at no hotel, no restaurant and no bar – and this not only in New York, but everywhere in the USA. And about that there is no discussion. The Crown Plaza in Lake Placid has even a house rule which threatens a 200 dollars fine for smoking in the hotel room or within the building.
We withdrew on the balcony of our room with our cigarettes and seized the remaining day for taking it easy – and to the investigation of the hotel area. The view over the Lake Mirror was simply stunning; we could see even the Olympic ski jump ramp. The park of the hotel invited for walking, and thus I got on the way to explore something which had made me curious already the day before: On the edge of the parking bay „dug in trash cans“ were to be seen (at least it looked like that). Curiously as I am, I examined the things closer. There were no trash cans they had buried in the ground for optical reasons, but they were subterranean propane tanks. I had learned something again …
In the evening we met Andrea and Eric again to have dinner together at a Japanese restaurant. With the bright cook who prepared our food before our eyes with all kinds of tricks and effects we had a lot of fun – and the food Japanese Terpanyaki was really great.
After we had said goodbye to Andrea and Eric we went to the hotel, once again early to bed. The next day, we wanted to start the return journey early in the direction of Detroit.