Aktuelles von den Burg-Sayn-Doggen

13.03.2007 21:35 Alter: 12 Jahr(e)

A very successful Trip to “Crufts”

Tonight we returned from a very successful and very interesting excursion to the world-biggest dog exhibition, the Crufts in Birmingham. 25.000 dogs during four days, more than 150.000 visitors, more than 600 stands, more than 240 announced Great Danes - the figures are huge.

One must have seen the Crufts.

And to show a dog with the Crufts, is also something quite special. And to show a dog successful with the Crufts, is only surely something great. Our Dutch friends Linda and Dick v.d. Vijver had announced her male Owlwatch Fly Me to the Moon, we showed Striker. Both dogs have been convincing by their appearance. Striker was not placed in the champion's class (among 16 dogs), Flyer won the champion's class masterfully, however, in the decision for the CC he was beaten by a fawn male from England.

However, the first place and a reserve CC with the Crufts are a great result. Our boys excited attention anyway, and we went home with some inquiries to breed and to puppies from Flyer as well as from Striker.

More informations about the Crufts you can find here