Aktuelles von den Burg-Sayn-Doggen

20.05.2006 20:15 Alter: 12 Jahr(e)
Von: Elke Baltzer

Successful start in the open class

Am 12. Mai wurde Striker 24 Monate alt - das Ende der Zwischenklasse. Und At May 12th Striker got 24 month of age - the end of tht intermediate class. Only 8 days later he convinced in Gießen today at his fist start in the open class.

Striker got Excellent1, CAC, VDH und CACIB.

Our boy has satisfied all prerequisites for the international champion (4 times CACIB from three different countries of under four different judges) thus actually if the time factor weren't:
We must wait at least until December until Striker can receive the title.
His record of success till now:
Shown seven times under seven different Judges, six times with CAC, four times with CACIB, one CACIB Res., one VDH and two times BOB.  For us Striker is the absolute champion and we love his quiet and balanced nature.