Aktuelles von den Burg-Sayn-Doggen

11.06.2006 15:22 Alter: 13 Jahr(e)
Von: Christian Baltzer

Flyer gets BOB in Helsinki! Striker Excellent 4

Last Wednesday my wife Elke and her friend Linda van der Vijver went on the long way to Helsinki. With them were the two males Striker v.'t Buitengebeuren ....



... and Owlwatch Fly me to The Moon, called "Flyer."
After almost 24 hours on journey the four arrived in Stockholm, went on ship and were in Helsinki about another 16 hours.

At the European Winner Show Flyer then gots the CAC, CACIB, the title European Winner 2006. Striker reached an Excellent 4 in the open class.
We did a tour-report in English. Here is the link