Aktuelles von den Burg-Sayn-Doggen

28.08.2006 10:50 Alter: 12 Jahr(e)
Von: Elke Baltzer

Striker got his first Champion-title!

He got all CAC's he needed for the Netherlands Champion-Title, but he still was too young. For beeing Netherlands-Champion a dog must have four CACs, the last when he's at the age of 27 Months and one day.

Striker in Rotterdam

At August 12th Striker was at the age of 27 months, and he took his first Chance after this "magic date": In Rotterdam he got his last CAC at August 27th, and he got CACIB and BOB. 
His friend  Flyer got an Excellent 2 and Res. CAC/IB  - so he is "Netherlands Champion" now too - in the same record-time.

Striker's breeder and co-owner Linda v.d. Vijver ist as proud about this success as we are.